Los Negros Soundsystem

(LSS) consists of the trumpet player and composer Daniel Allen Oberto and the Colombian DJ Hebert Asprilla (DJ Bongo).

Their "acoustic" objective roots within the idea of combining the tradicional Afrocuban folk music with modern urban-electronic elements, while at the same time preserving the origins and the power of each component. Both Daniel and Hebert have intiated this adventure years ago and are now ready to present it to the public.

As a result, you can hear an exciting and enticing mixture of the precise rhythm base provided by the vinyl, enriched with Daniel's skills when it comes to improvise on the trumtell a musical story that is creative and fresh and colorful. Daniel's experience as stage and studio musician with artists such as Tony Allen, Patrice, Freundeskreis, etc., as well as DJ Bongo's performances with Raúl Paz, at the Fusion festival, Lützowbar, mundo mix, etc. represent the decisive elements, since each one of the two contributed to the project with their individual passion for music in order to pet. Regardless if it's HipHop, Afrobeat, or Latinhouse, LSS always has the right timing, as well as the ideal way to transmit the enjoyment to their audience. More than a search, LSS could be considered an encounter. A ritual to be listened and danced to, without any kind of prejudice or limitations of any sort - simply from a different perspective.